These indoor gardens made from natural lichen are customizable, maintenance-free, dust & insect proof!

We have all spent more time indoors this past year and have found different ways to bring nature into our space. One hot trend is indoor gardens, especially like these ones by Benetti Homes that require no maintenance at all for people like me who don’t have a green thumb! The company also elevates your garden game as these walls are fully customizable and created for your needs. The Italian studio uses 100% natural and stabilized lichen moss which doesn’t attract dust or insects so no more excuses about not creating your own indoor oasis.

The lichen used is called Cladonia Stellaris and it hails from Northern European forests. The moss is naturally cream in color and therefore can be customized to 12 different colors for the green walls which is also why it can be used to create art. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shades, and shapes for your home or office and the moss can easily grow on walls or ceilings. These vertical gardens have also been upgraded with engineering technology through sound panels to provide a sound-absorbing effect and create a zen atmosphere. “It consists of an aluminum panel like that one supporting the moss and capable of producing sound as the result of a research to optimize sound and its diffusion, which benefits from high-level electronic and sound technology. The panels connect to an external amplifier, which allows users to control the output sound from a phone app,” explains Stivens Benetti, owner of Benetti Home.

In addition to being dust-proof and insect-free, it is also fire resistant, sustainably harvested, and doesn’t require any water to grow. Finally, a garden that is self-sufficient so you can focus on growing yourself!

Designer: Benetti Home