Plug Hook by Naoya Edahiro

People often have trouble figuring out how to store their hairdryer. Some leave it by the sink, some hang it across the vanity, and some hide it in cabinetry. The Plug Hook by Naoya Edahiro solves the issue by repositioning the plug below the hook so the hair dryer’s rubber loop can hang from it neatly.

Designer: Naoya Edahiro


  • Kahoneez says:

    At first I didn’t realize if the plug was still plugged in, while the hairdryer was hanging, given the fact the plug is horizontal to the wall. I think the diagram should show that it is or not.
    The idea is very clever and I think people in the Salon business would love this product.

  • Joe says:

    Wouldn’t the weight of the hair dryer pull the plug right out of the socket?

  • seraaos says:

    its not allowed to hang “any” weight into the socket… that menas it will not fit the technical norms…(germany)…sorry

  • Tony Waters says:

    Very dangerous! (Except for an executioner’s room, perhaps)
    Aren’t there any professionally qualified people at this site to ban these sort of silly ‘ideas’ ?

  • Dav says:

    Plugs in Japan (virtually the same as US plugs) often barely hold in the wall as is. Silly silly idea.

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