This Earth Day, grab yourself a MagSafe wireless charger made from 100% recycled plastic

With a 100% recycled plastic body and a lifetime warranty, the Gomi Wireless Mag Charger helps reduce plastic waste as well as e-waste.

UK-based sustainable design studio Gomi first hit the air-waves back in 2019 with its Bluetooth speaker designed entirely out of plastic waste. The company sought to exclusively use non-recyclable plastics (single-use plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc.) that would otherwise be dumped in oceans, sent to landfills, or incinerated. Working together with small businesses, global corporations, and recycling plants, Gomi developed a way to reuse this non-recyclable plastic as a raw material. Using the natural color variation between the different plastic products, the molding process helped create a marbled pattern that was unique to each device, allowing Gomi to effectively recycle the plastic and upscale it into a wonderful product. Gomi recently debuted a new product using this marbled recycled plastic – a MagSafe-compatible 15W wireless charger that works twice as fast as regular lightning cables, charging your iPhone and Apple accessories while helping take plastic waste out of the earth!

Each Wireless Mag Charger’s body is hand-made from plastics that are deemed non-recyclable by councils in the UK. The plastic components are sorted by color to help create unique marbled variations. No extra materials or dyes are used in the plastic molding process, and the marbled effect is created using the native color of the plastics, with each pattern and design being unique to the individual product.

With an output of 15W, the charger matches the power delivery of Apple’s own MagSafe Charger, albeit with a sustainable twist. The Gomi Wireless Mag Charger works with all wireless-charging enabled devices, allowing you to charge your phone, AirPods, and any other devices you may have. Its MagSafe compatibility works with iPhones 12 and future MagSafe models, allowing you to snap your phone right in place, aligning the wireless charging coils perfectly for uninterrupted charging.

Gomi’s Wireless Mag Chargers come in 3 color varieties – Blue Ocean, Black Mono, and the colorful Birthday Cake. At £35, they cost as much as Apple’s own MagSafe charger does, but color, character, and a sustainable twist to the product.

The wireless charger plugs into any USB-C wall plug, and magnetically attaches onto the back of the phone, or works as a traditional charging mat for your AirPods and other devices. Co-founder and designer at Gomi design, Tom Meades, said ‘The chargers aim to bring fun playful colors to your work-from-home desk setup, whilst maintaining premium quality in functionality.’ Like all of Gomi’s products, the handmade Wireless Mag Chargers come with an automatic lifetime warranty that helps keep them out of landfills. Gomi assures lifetime repairs and also offers buy-back credits for devices at the end of their product life-cycle so that the company can reuse/recycle components into a newer generation of products.

Designer: Gomi

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