This adorable tissue box turns your tissue papers into tiny icebergs floating on the Arctic ocean!

Designed by Japan-based artist who goes by the name Michiru, this Arctic-inspired tissue box adorably reinterprets tissue papers as floating icebergs!

Quite reminiscent of National Geographic’s June 2018 cover (the one with the plastic bag floating in the ocean, looking like an iceberg), the Iceberg Tissue Box is a transparent blue box with tissues emerging from a slot running across the center (as is with regular tissue boxes). However, the Iceberg Tissue Box reinterprets the tissue paper’s uneven triangular shape as an iceberg adrift on the vast blue crystal clear ocean. What’s even more adorable is the presence of a tiny polar bear hovering on a smaller iceberg right beside it, adding to the ‘aww’ factor of the Iceberg Tissue Box!

Designer: Mishiru

It’s unclear if Michiru plans on selling any of his creations (all he has are a Twitter and a YouTube page), although this would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s desk! However, if you’re on the market for a nifty, quirky tissue paper dispenser, this sunrise-inspired napkin box makes for a pretty awe-striking alternative!