A ferrofluid sound-reactive visualization elevates this minimal Bluetooth speaker to a whole new level!

For an audiophile, adding on a visual experience to your music amplifies the joy – explaining why audio visualizers are so in demand. From the nostalgic visualizations of good old Windows Media Player or cult favorite Winamp – or the much recent phone music players like Poweramp or Media Monkey, being able to move to your favorite beats with a cool visualizer is fun multiplied. Taking the concept of a lava lamp and nerdifying it to a new dimension, Dakd Jung has created this other-worldly speaker, which blew me away – hey, I’m an audiophile, and this is right up my alley!

Bringing the idea of cool music visualizations to a custom speaker, the artist amazes netizens with his Ferrofluid display cell Bluetooth Speaker. Yes, this one uses ferrofluid – the same material initially developed by NASA engineers in the 1960s for pushing fuel into the rocket engines. It is a magnetic material (similar to what iron fillings look like) mixed with a liquid substance to keep the particles from sticking together. The result is a material that is fluid like liquid, but when the magnetic field is applied to it, the material acts as a black blob taking up different shapes depending on the amount and direction of magnetic field influence.

The result is a unique Bluetooth speaker made from 3D printed housing the speaker drivers, a small amplifier, and round glass containing eliminated by white LED lights. Dakd had to think his way around the material sticking to the glass problem, so he coated the inside of the glass with unique material. Depending on the audio frequency, the blob takes up different shapes – something you can’t take your eyes off. All I’ve got to say is – when it is finally available commercially – shut up and take my money!

Designer: Dakd Jung