This coatrack turned shelf brings a modern, quirky spin to your entryway storage!

Every entryway should have some form of storage bin where you can throw your keys, your jacket, and all the stuff in your pockets collected during the day. It comes in handy when you’re running late and don’t have the time to spend looking for where you last tossed your keys. Student designers Calvin and Bence recently created their own interpretation of entryway storage with Bügal, a piece of fusion furniture that’s one half coat rack and one half shelf system.

When conceptualizing Bügal, the student designers relied on 3D printing to establish a mold for the unit’s body before grinding, smoothing, and painting it over to achieve its finished, semi-matte, silicone-style look. The hybrid unit of furniture hangs from a wooden peg in a similar fashion to the traditional clothes hanger, but it ditches the hook grip for a more secure peg and socket. Calvin and Bence designed Bügal for the sake of combining the dual functions from a coat rack and a shelving unit, to provide a unique storage system that could fit into any entryway, office space, or bedroom.

Thanks to its familiar shape and uncomplicated design, Bügal looks at home in any space. The combination of a wider frame with a sturdier gripping method allows Bügal to hang more than one piece of clothing and to store even bulkier portable items like film cameras and potted plants. Bügal’s shape is akin to that of a regular clothes hanger, but its deep pocket creates space for everyday carry items like keys, wallets, and smartphones. By merging the practical function of a coat rack with all the storage space provided by a drawer or shelf, Bügal can store a lot of your things and also help cut down the time spent turning your living room inside out to find your keys.

Designers: Calvin Middel & Bencekommt

With a deep shelf and wide-body, Bügal can hang heavier coats and store even your bulkier items.

Thanks to its shelving feature, Bügal can function as a display unit for things like potted plants and art decor.

Bügal’s initial prototype was formed from styrofoam and then given a mold through 3D printing.

Through post-processing work, Bügal was sanded, carved, and painted over to give it a glossy, yet matte look.

With a wooden frame, Bügal is both durable and handy.

Bügal ditches the tradition hook grip used by most clothes hangers for a more secure peg and socket hanging method.