These Bauhaus-inspired chandeliers and wall-lamps add a touch of modernism to your interiors!

Titled the Moonrise collection, these lighting designs are a Bauhaus-inspired interpretation of the different phases of the moon. Designed by Lara Bohinc for Brooklyn-based design outfit Roll & Hill, the Moonrise comes in 3 styles – two wall sconces, and one chandelier, available in either brushed brass or black anodized aluminum.

The collection makes use of straight lines intermingled with circles and half-round shapes, creating different stages of the moon ranging from a full to a half and even a crescent moon. The lighting elements sit within artistically detailed aluminum frames that end up looking like sculptural pieces when the lights are off. Switch the lights on, however, and they attract the eye even more!

The Moonrise’s playfully geometric design manages to stay true to its lunar inspiration in a beautifully abstract way. The design manages to be bold yet light, geometric yet fluid, and echoes the moon’s feminine qualities wonderfully through its almost jewel-like design.

“Lighting is like jewelry for the room – it brings sparkle, life, and joy to any space. Lights are accents that determine the mood. The room is never complete without lighting,” says Lara Bohinc, the designer behind the collection.

Designer: Lara Bohinc for Roll & Hill