Layer Design teams up with Nga Nguyen to create wellness products, including a reusable mask!

2020 saw a radical shift in the basic thought process when it comes to daily life challenges – maintaining hygiene at all times, being one of them. With so much emphasis on personal well-being and the need to stay clear of harm’s way, the radical shift in how the design and fashion industry operates has also been there. That’s the reason why London-based LAYER Design founded by Benjamin Hubert has joined forces with fashion’s patient zero, Nga Nguyen, to create a range of products for her health and wellness startup Never Go Alone. Creative minds in both the creative houses worked in collaboration for a year to meticulously craft the protective products, their packaging, branding, and the art direction.

The range of products tailored for the ‘new normal’ is understandably centered around personal hygiene, and are going to be launched in the UK in Spring 2021 with a global release following soon after that. The collection for starters is going to have a reusable mask, refillable hand sanitizer, and a refillable sanitizing wipes case. The one to focus on here is the reusable mask dubbed ‘Behind the Mask’ that’s designed keeping in mind convenience and safety at all times. And yes, it is inspired by the visual language of ‘athleisure’ – making it ideal for people who are always on the move. The studio explains, “Never Go Alone is a wellness brand that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic and empowers users to live and travel responsibly in times of unprecedented change. LAYER designed each product to create a memorable experience through the engagement of the senses, from tactile materiality and intuitive touchpoints to bespoke scents.”

The outer layer of the mask is made from lightweight knitted fabric for high breathability, and it also conceals the bespoke PM2.5 filter that’s replaceable. Its diamond shape perfectly takes the shape of the facial contours without any discomfort. So that you don’t ever get bored of the Behind the Mask, it comes with modular interchangeable earloops for changing the color and style to personal preference.

Designer: Layer Design