Time is Fleeting, Time is Floating!


I knew time was fleeting, but this one is new to me… and it may easily be the most beautiful timepiece I’ve ever seen. Embodying the serenity of time, the Story clock’s floating chrome orb is a metaphor of our planet, floating gracefully in an orbit around a large star, and therefore of time itself.

Story embodies time, but it isn’t a clock. The way Story works is that you set its movement based on your story. The clock can Depict the passing of time from winter to spring, or days/months until a personal goal. The Story acts as a reminder and a physical manifestation of time passing by. It can count minutes, hours, days, or even years.

Story ushers in a new sort of appreciation for time and timepieces. It isn’t about Swiss movements, or sapphire crystals. The levitating orb’s movement across the wooden base is nothing short of captivating, making you forget time, but still being a reminder that time is passing by. Story looks outwardly simple, but is incredibly layered (both metaphorically, and internally), and that’s why we love it. The body is a plain wooden disc, available in ash and walnut finishes. Atop this sits a chrome orb, majestically and magnetically levitating above the wood. The orb orbits the periphery of the wooden disc with a certain calmness that inspires awe and draws one closer to it. The wooden disc comes with a back-light that gives the Story a beautiful halo/aura when mounted on the wall. Also embedded within the wooden disc is an LED matrix that lights up through the wood surface, displaying the exact time or date at certain intervals.

The Story is devoid of any controls that would add clutter to its form. Instead, it’s controlled by an app that allows you to configure the Story in any way you see fit. Instead of using it as a clock, the Story encourages you to use it to depict the journey of time that has a specific meaning to you. The app allows you to set the Story in three modes. A journey mode, for longer time periods (9 months to the birth of a child, or countdown to a family vacation), a clock mode that allows it to behave like a timepiece, and a timer, for small goals. While the orb displays the passing of time in a poetic manner, the LED matrix can be configured to display exact times or dates whenever needed.

There’s a beauty to the Story that brings back the joy of watching time pass by, a simple joy that we saw last with the cuckoo clock. The Story can be wall mounted, or even kept slanted, or horizontally. Either which way the floating orb, aptly called the Storyteller, moves in its invisible orbit, inspiring happiness and calmness, and reminding us that time isn’t something you wear on your wrist or keep in your pocket. It’s the thing that moves planets, creating years, months, days, and moments worth remembering.

Designer: Simon Morris

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Click here to Buy Now: $449.00 $649.00