The Bag that Picks Aesthetics in a Functional World

You could own literally one of any of the thousands of bags that are out there… but like we say, finding a bag that’s as unique as you and that connects with you on some levels is an experience that’s completely different. We’ve featured hundreds, nay, thousands of bags on Yanko Design, and each one has been mainly about innovative problem solving, but not the Beyond Borders. Beyond Borders is storage that does its job no doubt, but does so with a level of class that will enrich your soul.

Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, Beyond Borders takes the elegance you see in good furniture design, and injects that into your bag. Imagine the Eames Lounge Chair’s spirit in your luggage. That’s how beautiful the Beyond Borders bags are, because like the lounge chair, the bags are made of the finest leather… and wood! The bags use a beautiful color/texture/finish interplay between the leather and wood to create some absolutely stunning looking bags. Named Scandinavia, the collection of bags feature actual sheets of wooden ply (oak and walnut) that lend a pleasing character to your storage, while also giving the luggage its sturdiness and shape. The wood elements help create the structure of the bag, while the rest of the bag is crafted from the finest leather, making storage that look unique as a range, but also by themselves, because of the unique print of the woodgrain.

Using techniques that most haven’t seen employed in the fashion business, Beyond Borders works seamlessly with leather and wood to create luggage that is ergonomic, sturdy, and most importantly lightweight. The wood inserts don’t add to the bulk of the bag and each bag design feels just as heavy as their all-leather counterparts. Available in three different designs, the Scandinavia collection allow you to choose between a large holdall bag for all your travel needs, a messenger backpack that shapeshifts between a sling to a two shoulder bag, allowing you to carry it the way you want, and a midi backpack, for when your storage needs are low but your style needs are high. The bags come in four different color combinations, allowing you to choose between brown, black, and pink (nude) leather as well as oak and walnut wood variants. Needless to say the resultant styles are nothing short of stunning as they showcase the good qualities of both the leather and the wood.

Functionally, the bags are a cross between soft and hard-shell luggage, providing the advantages of both. However, aesthetically, they’re like no bag I’ve ever seen. The leather may give the bag a familiar aesthetic, but the presence of wood makes it look positively out of this world. Yes, this bag will hold your belongings, but it’s also the design equivalent of the Eames Lounge Chair standing a class apart in this world filled with functional leather beanbags.

Designer: Thanos Pappas

Click here to Buy Now: $580.00 $850.00


Backpack/ Messenger bag could be used as a backpack as well as a messenger bag depending on how you will place the adjustable straps. Perfect for city use, for the gym, to go to work or even to travel light on a trip. It includes inside pockets for better organizing your books and notes, and an external pocket for quick access to your mobile and glasses. It can fit a laptop up to 15”.







Midi backpack has the perfect size and weight for an everyday use, walks around the city or even to take it on the countryside with you. Equipped with a large inside compartment it easily fits all the everyday items along with a 13” laptop.






Holdall is the luggage you’ll want for your next trip. It has the perfect size to take on the plane with you while it fits all your clothes for the trip. It’s equipped with an easy access external pocket as well as two internal dividers for a better organizing. It comes with an adjustable strap for an easier transportation.




Click here to Buy Now: $580.00 $850.00