Yanko Design’s latest showcase of women designers and their most innovative designs

On the 12th of December last year, we shared statistics from the Design Council Survey in 2018 that outlined an interesting fact. Even though design universities and colleges see a healthy amount of diversity, with a 60:40 female to male ratio, the industry was a completely different story, with 95% of industrial designers being male. This led us to ask ourselves a couple of questions as a design publication, about how we could be a part of the solution, rather than the problem. YD has always been a platform that equalizes, looking at work from established studios as well as student designers through the same lens. It’s that very experience-diversity that runs through Yanko Design’s DNA… and we’re proud to announce that we’re working towards ensuring the designs we feature are gender-diverse too.

Today, on International Women’s Day, YD is proud to announce a new Category for Womxn Designers. Among all the designs we feature, from industrial products to technology, and from architecture to transportation design, the Womxn Designer category will act as an ever-expanding archive for innovative work from the women of our design community. The outcomes of this will be two-fold. Not only will it be one of the only places on the internet to find great designs from women designers (for inspiration as well as for recruiters), but we hope it’ll also encourage women to enter the design industry with more confidence, helping bridge the wide gap between the diversity we see in design colleges, versus the design industry. Happy Women’s Day, everyone! Design is a tool for problem-solving and social empowerment… so let’s start by building a community and industry of diverse voices and backgrounds!

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Layout Image – Voyager Mixed Reality Glasses by Seunghye Han, Sieun Roh & Soomin Son