This mixed-reality headset was designed to be your virtual tour-guide in foreign cities

In every way, the Voyager is what the Google Glass project should have aimed at becoming. Designed to enhance the tourism experience by augmenting it with everything the internet has to offer, and to make you self-sufficient in a foreign city so you don’t have to awkwardly ask people for directions, the Voyager is a goggle-shaped mixed-reality headset that lets you explore new cities like never before. The Voyager connects to your phone, bringing elements of smartphone functionality to the mixed-reality space. This means you can navigate cities by seeing directions projected on the road ahead of you, can click pictures and capture videos of everything you see through the glasses, and can interface with real-world objects and buildings like your hotel, restaurants, tourist spots, and heritage monuments. Rather than augmented reality, which just projects virtual elements on the physical world, Voyager’s mixed reality interface means you can interact with elements, tapping on virtual buttons to check into your hotel, program destinations on your maps, and even send videos and images of your PoV to social media just by waving in the air!

The Voyager, just like other MR headsets like the Hololens, Oculus Quest, or the Vive, serves its specific purpose. While some headsets are designed specifically for entertainment, and others for work, the Voyager champions travel and living. The headset is styled to look like a pair of goggles, so people don’t stare at you; it comes with clear eyepieces so your eyesight is never obstructed, and you can wear the headset even when it’s switched off; and pairs with Voyager’s own helmet, which creates the perfect ecosystem of products designed to boost solo tourism and travel. Unlike other MR headsets, though, the Voyager isn’t meant for sale. Designed for temporary use-cases like holidays and quick trips, the Voyager can be rented from tourism offices, kiosks, and e-scooter rental centers.

Designers: Seunghye Han, Sieun Roh & Soomin Son