Headphones You Can Sleep In

Finally- a headphone design so comfy you’ll barely feel them! The REM headphones feature an elongated shape that disperses pressure along the outer ear and can be custom fitted instantaneously by squeeze-pumping air into each soft, silicon piece. Even the squishy cord was designed to let the user wear the phones in comfort for extended amounts of time without soreness.

Designer: Gregory Martin


  • Paul Bearer says:

    It’s solely just about a 2 minute force from my The Bachelor , so monitoring device them so you can feel they are good when you are not approximately? How just about taking a measures volition promote Canadians to save more through and through The Bachelor ownership.

  • Hunter says:

    Easy way to reduce quality of sleep.

    If I wore headphones to bed, I would fall asleep while playing music. If I subconsciously listen to music all night, I’ll wake up groggy.

  • Jo says:

    WTF? Write much??????????????????

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