Death to Plant Death

Keeping a house plant alive can be more challenging than most people think. Some plants needs more light and less water, while other pot dwellers need more water and less light. Still others prefer you call them Sally and talk dirty to them…last time I buy a plant in  Kabukicho.  With its unique watering system, designer Karim Rashid’s “Grobal” plant pot keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp. Grobal draws water and nutrients from the reservoir into the Grobal Soil”; in the top chamber. Just check the water level through the water level indicator and refill when needed through the “Nutriport.” If after spending all this time, money and love on your adorable little green friend, it still dies, it just couldn’t get past the memory of what you did to it while it was younger and wanted to move on. You should to.

Designer: Karim Rashid [ Product Page ] [ Via: Design Blog ]