This Window Air Purifier blows fresh aromatic air indoors for a clean, healthy home

While most of the air purifiers refresh the air inside the room – be it fresh air from a window, air conditioner, or air circulating for hours due to the closed indoor environment; there is actually the need for an air purifier that sucks in fresh air from the outdoors and then freshens it up to be really perceived as an “air purifier.” BEBOP Design realizes the importance of designing an air purifier for homes as well as any decent-sized commercial location that can actually bring refreshing air inside without being too heavy on the fragrance which can be a nightmare for people with allergies or sensitive sinusitis.

They’ve come up with the Ventus Air – an air purifier that can be installed onto any existing window frames and ventilates the room with a breath of fresh air – sans the old-fashioned way of constantly filtering the stale air inside the room – that most air purifiers out there do! The radically different air purifier is commissioned for Ventus, a Korean startup that takes pride in its air filtration technology. The air purifier has a very minimal yet attractive design for a clean feel – a monochrome color that gives the assurance of purity, reliability, and calmness. It has a concealed display system, a light strip indicating the air quality and harmful gas indicator, and a magnetic filter lid that has a fabric pull tab.

Ventus Air windowed air purifier can be easily maintained by pulling out the filter and replacing it with the new one when required. Of course, you get a matching remote to operate from the cozy confines of your couch, making it an air purifier tailored for the right intended function.

Designer: BEBOP Design