Canoo’s iconic headlights carry forward beautifully in this UberEats Delivery Scooter concept

I personally love it when logos have a bit of versatility. Like when they actually make sense beyond just the rules of branding. Remember Audi’s ‘4 Keys’ commercial? Or this Mercedes Redsun concept? When you make your viewer have an “A-ha!” moment, that’s just peak creativity to me, and that’s exactly why I love this Canoo scooter concept so damn much!

EV startup Canoo debuted just last year announcing a strategic partnership with Hyundai to change how car-ownership works. The strategy aimed at providing the car as a monthly service to owners instead of a one-time full-ownership model. This would allow multiple owners to use a limited number of cars as often as they’d need, and the car would be smart enough to customize itself based on their preferences… but I digress. What was immediately memorable about the Canoo car was its design language, and specifically its headlights, which served as the car company’s branding too. Ali Berzah Can’s conceptual Canoo Scoot uses that very design language to elevate two-wheeler design, as the Canoo logo now becomes the vehicle’s headlights AS WELL AS its handlebars!

Since the Canoo brand is all about redefining ownership, Berzah Can’s conceptual bike keeps that in mind too by creating a scooter designed specifically for delivery. The ‘Scoot’ fleet of vehicles belong to UberEats, and are operated by their delivery executives to rapidly transport food from restaurants to the homes of the people who placed the orders. The Canoo Scoot follows the company’s form language, with geometric lines and gentle fillets to create vehicles that have structure and discipline without looking edgy. Thermoregulated containers on the back let riders store food in them for the length of the delivery cycle, and that Canoo logo on the front is instantly iconic, creating branding that isn’t just a graphic, it’s clever and valuable too!

Designer: Ali Berzah Can