Porsche Baby!!

It’s about time there is a little equality in the baby stroller market! The Porsche Design P’4911 blends a unique mix of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, ball-bearing wheels,  into this tough looking design that is, to say the least, quite masculine (man growl). The minimal design folds compact enough to fit into the trunk of any Porsche.

Designer: Dawid Dawod


  • Ray says:

    It puts the baby up a bit high. most strollers I see have the babies low to the ground. That way if the baby flukes out and unlocks itself it doesn’t have far to go

  • Zu-Ning C says:

    Most strollers are also functional beyond just holding a baby

  • Jeremy says:

    I want one!!

  • audiodoll says:

    Love the X-men wheels..
    It looks like a stroller for young single men, everything about it is slick and sexy like a car add..
    seems as if the baby is a prop and not the end client.

  • Rob says:

    While the aesthetic is nice, this is a terrible design. If the designers actually had kids, they would have known that there is an entire store room of supplies that need to be hauled around with them – which this design does not address.

  • WZhangID says:

    maybe the designers don’t want or like kids? I mean, if I hated kids and I was tasked to make a stroller it’d be horrible also.

  • Von Lee says:

    and there goes my luaggage trunk… anyway, it’s an awesome design….

  • alia says:

    This is an elaborate joke right? *claps* Well done.

  • Andrew says:

    It actually has a cargo-holder, I wonder why Yanko did’nt post this.


    Anyway, I think the design is great, much more sleek and high-end than the “green-cheap-plastic-shopping-carts” you see nowadays.

  • dom cerisano says:

    This is truly an inspired design!

    1) It will actually fit in a porsche boot.
    2) Its got lots of backroom for hanging a duffle.
    3) Big quadropods are incredibly stable.
    4) Its made of freakin’ unobtanium!

    Well done!

  • Steve says:

    It’s designed by a guy who never had kids! Good looking no utilities!

  • seymur says:

    hello where i can buy this Stroller?

  • Mrs. Kate says:

    Hey nice stroller and pictures of it.i like it.

  • Mivesca says:

    Seriously people,where can I buy this,anybody knows?

  • Yeah, I want to buy it

  • Lauren says:

    Wow! These images are wonderful. I really like these smart strollers.

  • Joe says:

    Did u find one?

  • Futuristic design. I’ll say “I want it!”

  • Chris says:

    After 3 years from the initial launch, we can admit that it became popualr very fast 🙂

  • If you tossed out the original packaging, check the black support bars
    for the labels A or B; the A bar is the larger of the two.
    They come in fun colours and designs so the children feel they it.

    Obviously, because they grow so fast, none of us
    could keep up with purchasing the number of seats we required for our child if
    that were the case.

  • Bree says:

    Great! I love it!

  • Lisa George says:

    Amazing design! I want one! It is a stroller from the future!

  • It has been verified by several safety expert that this is the best safest
    way. If the baby is facing the leading of the car, then car seat is not devote correctly.
    Some models have lots of storage space in the back to hold supplies for long outings.

  • Mr Richard says:

    The design of the porsche baby stroller is amazing specially the features like blending is too good, would to love to buy.

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