This F1-inspired Jaguar racer is a demon raring to come alive…

Jaguar has been the epitome of beauty, performance, and innovation in the automotive industry – bringing to light what sublime four-wheelers can be like embedded with the essence of excellence personified. The XJ 13 has been the brand’s most iconic car, and this concept design by Jaeheon Lee takes inspiration from the prototype racing car developed by Jaguar that took to the challenging Le Mans track in the mid-1960s. Jaeheon calls it the Jaguar VL, and it takes a different design approach for the car technician and the driver.

On the front, the car has a very Formula-1 like character with a dual seating arrangement. Here the driver and the technician have different UI screens, and the driver has an F1-styled steering wheel inspired by the Jaguar’s racing heritage. On the exterior, the car bears a very speedy character, a boxy overall feel inherent to the racing cars, and the segmented two halves of the front and rear make it feel more like a modern gadget t there were no wheels. The curvacious look on the Jaguar VL is so reminiscent of the XJ 13.

Jaeheon has managed to put together an automotive concept design that stands out from the rest while being subtle in its own way. Being so radically different means it has to be a self-driving car powered by an electric drivetrain. But it has to be said, the designer fused the Jaguar heritage with the Formula-1 personality so well. This concept could easily make it past the blueprint stage and onto the prototype stage for a sci-fi movie perhaps – it’s that cool!

Designer: Jaeheon Lee