This electric fly swatter takes a neat cue from the portable Folding Fan!

Inspiration can come from unusual places, and when it does, it can help reinvent a product in a new kind of way. Take for instance the FOLD, an electric fly-swatter that instead of being a rigid racquet, models itself on the folding fan. The FOLD’s unique design allows it to fold down into the size of a baton that you can carry around with you (or even slip right into your duffle bag when you go camping or on an outdoor trip). When the cretins come a-knockin’, the FOLD is ready for swattin’! The two-part handle opens up and the swatter’s individual electric mesh surfaces align to turn into a racquet-shaped device that instantly zaps all sorts of bugs. Just switch the FOLD on and channel your inner Serena Williams!

The Fold’s battery pack lies inside its slim, two-part handle. A neat USB-C slot on the bottom lets you charge your swatter (in open or closed condition), so that you can keep the bugs away at any time of the day!

Designer: Sang Kun Park for DesignerDot Academy