The Weapon of Mass Creation

The pen is mightier than the sword… especially when it’s made of titanium! We’ve seen a massive influx of pen designs on Kickstarter, each competing aggressively with another, and it’s our responsibility to handpick the finest designs there are in this category, because with writing instruments, one only deserves the best.

The X-01 pen by Namisu is so focused on being a powerful writing tool, it channels minimalism in a way most luxury pens don’t. The Pen comes in a single material design, with grooves for gripping only where they are necessary. The pen is even devoid of branding because a remarkable writing experience is their brand. The casing of the pen is immaculately machined from a single metal block and you can choose from brass, aluminum (in comet grey and satin black), or satisfy the immortal penman in you by going for the Titanium X-01. Looking nothing short of a futuristic bullet casing, the X-01 comes built for Schmidt’s short rollerball refills (available widely in broad, medium and fine thicknesses).

The X-01 come in absolutely dapper looking jet black boxes (perfect for gifting, I say), and for a little more, you can even get your hands on the leather sleeve cases for the pen. The pens come in different weights, based on the metal. The lighter Aluminum makes for great lengthy writing sessions, while the heavy brass is perfect for signatures. The titanium however gives you the versatility of articulating thoughts, taking long notes, and the occasional signature or autograph.

Let’s remember… the keyboard may be the most popular writing tool today but significant moments are always immortalized in pen…

Designers: Adrien Cols & Maria Millan

BUY IT HERE: $44.00