This furniture design is a functional piece for you and a playful landscape for your cat!

Do your pets understand personal boundaries or are they normal? Sharing space has become more challenging post-pandemic as our work and non-work lives have merged into one home but we have also started spending a lot more time with our pets who may be thinking “why is this human taking over my favorite chair?” So Space International created catHAUS that encourages harmony between you and your cat when you are in the same space!

The angular furniture piece was envisioned to be a domestic retreat for an undomesticated species. It incorporates your needs and your pet’s needs too – two different functions but in the same piece of furniture. For you, catHAUS is a seating option and for your cat, it is a landscape of different textures. Playing off of the iconographic conventions of the familiar gable roof, catHAUS operates at the scale of both shelter and furniture.

Its exterior is abstract and neutral in its materiality while the plush interior is finished in synthetic turf and vertical supports wrapped in sisal rope. The design is highly engaging for your feline friend and keeps them from disturbing you while you read, work or watch Netflix!

Designer: Space International