Tunes to Fine-tune your Brain

Why would you need headphones while sleeping… some would ask. White noise, relaxing music, alarms. These are the obvious reasons. What you don’t know is that your brain’s always listening, always learning. People rely on sleep therapy to hack their subconscious, to sleep better, wake up feeling well rested, feeling focused.

Sleepphones are built for the latter. They fit snugly around your head, allowing you to listen in, without having to struggle to sleep with earphones or massive headphones. They come in wired and wireless variants, depending on what device you use. Yes, obviously you could opt for a bluetooth speaker instead, but bluetooth speakers don’t offer isolated audio. I’m talking binaural beats, or hypno-therapy, where you have two separate pieces of audio playing in each ear, triggering separate parts of the brain. Sleepphones also ensure you have a private audio experience, so that others don’t have to listen to what you’re listening to.

The Sleepphones are probably the closest thing you can get to what we’ve seen in The Matrix. You can program your mind to learn new languages, to be more confident, and even more creative… all in your sleep. Not to mention you can even use this to lucid dream! Isn’t that just incredible?!

Designer: Wei-Shin Lai

Buy Now: $39.95