This earring helps diabetics read their blood sugar levels without the pin-prick

Revolutionizing how Type 1 Diabetics monitor their blood glucose levels, the Sense Glucose Earring is an innovative non-invasive wearable that incorporates reads blood-sugar levels in the ear-lobe using safe, high-frequency radio waves.

The earring requires just a single lobe piercing (as opposed to the daily pin-prick tests that diabetes patients have to take) and sits on the ear at all times. When you need to read your blood-sugar levels, the earring uses sensors and algorithms to collect data, which is then sent to your smartphone. This massively reduces medical waste, while offering a pain-free solution for checking your sugar levels. At the same time, it turns a medical apparatus into a fashion wearable, removing the social stigma of having to carry clinical-looking blood glucose meters around with them. Instead, the Sense Glucose Earring is fashionable, safe, environment-friendly, and pain-free!

Designer: Tyra Kozlow