This wallet-sized multitool has you covered for urban exploits and for weekend outdoor adventures

A card-sized EDC holds a lot of merit in a world filled with countless multitools that stuff in every possible utility in a small form factor but ultimately bloat up to a size that defies the whole point of being pocket-friendly.

In comes the Tiny Survival Card that strikes a balance between getting the maximum number of utility tools and maintaining a minimal form factor. The credit card-sized EDC fits in your wallet and solves most of your adventure needs without ever restricting your daily life. I’m sure, Bear Grylls would want this feather-weight EDC handy on his crazy escapades in unknown territory.

Designer: Ultimate Survival Tips

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The wallet-sized everyday carry multitool is designed keeping in mind the ease of carrying, so that even casual outdoor enthusiasts have one handy with them. Named the Tiny Survival Card, it comes with 17 emergency field tools including 3 sewing needles, 6 small fishing hooks, 2 mini harpoon, 1 dual-edge saw, 1 micro drill, saw blades, a knife and arrowhead to attend to any kind of need in the outdoors.

This is one of the smallest ( just 0.0025-inch thick) yet most comprehensive survival kit made for everyday use and good enough for tough situations too. Being crafted by a pro in survival strategies, the hardened 302 stainless steel multitool (corrosion-resistant) sits on a magnetic base from where any tool can be quickly snapped off and then put back easily. Those tools for cutting or other needs can also be sharpened without any hassle to retain the same edge for years to come. Clearly, this EDC fills intersection of the Venn Diagram of users who need serious gear for outdoor activities and of users who enjoy having a EDC they can count on in case of any emergency in urban life.

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