iPhone 12 accessories designed to fulfill every tech lover’s dream!

The iPhone 12 took almost everybody by storm, people couldn’t wait to get their hands on it, and enjoy the latest addition to the Apple family! However, as exciting and compelling as a new iPhone can be, a few trendy accessories can amp it up even more. By accessories we don’t mean your usual boring old phone cases and covers, designers have been levelling up their accessories game, creating unique and handy accessories worthy of the mighty iPhone 12!

The +Lens modular system by Shawn Wang relies on empowering the primary camera with add-on lenses – much like the way you snap lenses onto your DSLR. Unlike most smartphone camera-lenses, Wang’s +Lens system is both exhaustive and powerful. The system consists of four add-on lenses that come in a nice, AirPods-case-shaped box along with a holder that lets them snap right onto your iPhone 12. These lenses, apart from augmenting your iPhone’s photographic abilities, come with their own focus rings, giving you precise control over how you capture the world around you.

iQiki is a notification indicator that does exactly what it sounds like it does! It utilizes LED-based lighting to notify you of any calls, messages, emails, updates, or any other notifications that you may be receiving. You can easily place it in your pocket, clip it onto your jacket or shirt sleeve, place it on your work desk, and the 12-led based lights will notify you when you’ve received a notification! It allows you to focus on whatever you’re doing without having to consistently check your phone screen for any important updates.

The Backbone One iPhone controller transforms your iPhone into a portable game console! The companion app displays all the games available in the App Store, and works with any games that make use of controllers. You can even voice chat with your friends on the app, and create parties while playing Minecraft, Asphalt 9: Legends and many more games!

The return of MagSafe has unleashed the creatives and accessory companies are racing to make the most of this feature. Front of the race is Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 that lets you safely mount your iPhone 12 and keep it in your view – be it landscape or portrait mode. Best of all, the powerful magnet offers a seamless, one-handed use that keeps you driving stress-free!

Mujjo has been making wallet cases for the iPhone for years now, creating beautiful designs that rival Apple’s own cases. Mujjo’s leather cases use a 3D leather-molding technique to get their genuine top-grain leather to follow the curves of the iPhone, without any creases or folds. The cases even come with an inner microfiber lining to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches. With the iPhone 12, Mujjo brings that same quality to the latest era of Apple’s smartphones. The cases come made from the finest full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and even integrate slots on the back to store your payment or ID cards along with your phone.

Vulcan isn’t a replacement for wireless charging but is just a remarkably better cable with truly unique features that are designed to work universally across all your devices. Once you plug the pin into its port, Vulcan does the rest, automatically locating, aligning, and connecting to the pin using a powerful pair of N52 Neodymium magnets. The magnets are strong enough to create a robust connection every time but calibrated perfectly to come apart in case the cable gets yanked or tugged by accident. Moreover, Vulcan is the only cable that works both ways, thanks to its reversible fast-charging feature. No matter which way you use the Vulcan, it supports high-speed power delivery, which does sound like something obvious, but it isn’t because other cables don’t provide the same output and speed reversibly. It’s also built to support 20W charging for the new iPhone 12, giving you a single cable that’s universally compatible, and that provides the fastest and most convenient way to quickly juice up your devices.

The Seattle-based accessories company, Moment, specializing in phone camera gear has created a bunch of iPhone 12 series accessories that inherently have some kind of camera utility. There’s a whole bunch of cases, tripod mounts, and car vent mounts with MagSafe compatibility that add to the functionality of your Apple phone. First up, the cases come in two broader variations – a thinner version for better ergonomic feel in hand and the other a more rugged one for more protection in event of accidental drops. All these cases have wrist strap loops and can endure a 6-foot drop. For photography addicts, Moment has a lineup of Tripod Mounts that have a very strong magnetic system for extra strength.  Along the same lines, Moment Cold Shoe Mount, Car Vent Mount, and the Wall Mount for MagSafe work like a charm.

Nomad’s iPhone 12 folio case gives your phone all-round protection while giving you space to hold not one, but three different cards. Crafted from exquisite Horween leather draped on a shock-absorbing polycarbonate body (with a TPE bumper around the edge), the Nomad folio case covers both the back as well as the front of your iPhone. The flap on the front auto-wakes your phone when you open it, and comes with 3 card slots and 1 cash slot, turning your smartphone into a wallet too!

Say hello to the SuperCalla charging cable. It looks like most cables, except that at certain intervals the SuperCalla cable has magnets around it. These magnets effortlessly organize your cables and keep them organized, thanks to the satisfying snap of magnetic attraction. The cable can be coiled in a circular pattern, stuck together in a zigzag, or even wound up as you’d normally organize cables. Just make sure the magnets align and the SuperCalla has the innate ability to staying organized whether in your pocket, backpack, drawer or even on your suitcase.

Phones have replaced our wallets but we can’t truly be wallet-free – at least not yet! Dango has brought to us a solution that works across multiple devices and a detachable wallet because who needs a bulky pocket? The A-series sliding mechanism sticks onto any phone (including your newly purchased iPhone12!) and Dango’s A10 wallet works directly with the polymer/vertical rail. With a thickness of only 3mm, the A10 Phone Adapter remains barely noticeable on your phone.