This magnetic ink watch makes the journey of time much more visually interesting

The idea of a watch has always been to deliver the time to you in a quick manner so you can go about your day. The usual interaction is just to glance at your watch and get on with business, but the INK-MAGNETIC watch takes a much more different approach. Rather than telling you the time so you can rush to complete your tasks or get the day over with, the Ink-Magnetic watch captivates you and helps you appreciate the seconds and minutes rolling by.

The watch makes use of a ferrofluid chamber in its face, while magnetic hands manipulate the liquid from behind the scenes, creating a dynamic Rorschach-test-inspired piece of art that also happens to tell the time. In doing so, the Ink-Magnetic watch hopes to get you to pause for a bit and reflect on the beauty of time, instead of rushing through your day and not appreciating it!

The INK-MAGNETIC Watch is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Han Ye