The best way to prevent your cables from entangling?? Magnets!

Of all the cable-managing solutions I’ve seen in the near 30 years of my existence, SuperCalla’s solution seems the most compelling. I’ve seen thick cables, flat cables, coiled cables, woven cables, and even cable-holders, but nothing is as convincing as the video above. Say hello to the SuperCalla charging cable. It looks like most cables, except for that at certain intervals the SuperCalla cable has magnets around it. These magnets effortlessly organize your cables and keep them organized, thanks to the satisfying snap of magnetic attraction.

I wish I had stuff to write about the SuperCalla but using it is so incredibly self-explanatory it seems borderline unnecessary. The cable can be coiled in a circular pattern, stuck together in a zigzag, or even wound up like you’d normally organize cables. Just make sure the magnets align and the SuperCalla has the innate ability to staying organized whether in your pocket, backpack, drawer, or even on your suitcase (yes, they’re travel-safe). The magnets allow you to easily open the cable out, using as much as necessary, therefore keeping your drawer, bag, and general workplace as neat as possible. Besides, I imagine they’re incredibly fun to fidget with too!

SuperCalla’s cables come in two sizes (3ft. and 6ft.) and two colors (black or white). They’re available in Type-C as well as lightning variants, and can be used for anything from charging to data transferring… and when you’re done, neatly coil them up and dump them in your bag, knowing fully well that they’re never going to come out a tangled mess!

Designer: SuperCalla