Mujjo’s latest iPhone 12 cases will protect your phone and give you a nifty wallet too!

As much as I love the new Apple iPhone 12 going back to Apple’s roots with the MagSafe feature, there’s a slight problem with the way they implement it. The MagSafe detail on the back of the iPhone allows you to connect it to a variety of modules like cases, wallets, and chargers by simply snapping them to the back of the device. While that sounds great (and it is), it relies on a stackable system… which means if you want a case with a wallet on the back of your iPhone, you need to buy a separate case, and a separate wallet module and stack them together using the magnetic system. Mujjo’s elegant solution just combines the two into a neat wallet-case that gives you both features in a single device.

Mujjo has been making wallet cases for the iPhone for years now, creating beautiful designs that rival Apple’s own cases. Mujjo’s leather cases use a 3D leather-molding technique to get their genuine top-grain leather to follow the curves of the iPhone, without any creases of folds. The cases even come with an inner microfiber lining to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches. With the iPhone 12, Mujjo brings that same quality to the latest era of Apple’s smartphones. The cases come made from the finest full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, and even integrate slots on the back to store your payment or ID cards along with your phone. Not only are these wallet-cases objects of sheer beauty, they cost half as much as buying a separate MagSafe case and MagSafe wallet just so you can snap them two together!

Designer: Mujjo