These smartphone camera lenses bridge the gap between the iPhone and DSLR

Imagine if the words “Shot On An iPhone” weren’t a distinction. What if the iPhone was just as powerful as a DSLR, so those words “Shot On An iPhone” were more of an assumption than an achievement. Well, in order to be compared to a DSLR, you’d need a powerful sensor and interchangeable lenses… and the iPhone definitely has one of those.

Although the iPhone DOES come with multiple camera lenses, it’s worth noting that only one of them is really the primary, versatile camera, while the others (the Wide Angle and the Telephoto) are more specific in their function. The +Lens modular system by Shawn Wang relies on empowering the primary camera with add-on lenses – much like the way you snap lenses onto your DSLR. Unlike most smartphone camera-lenses, Wang’s +Lens system is both exhaustive and powerful. The system consists of four add-on lenses that come in a nice, AirPods-case-shaped box along with a holder that lets them snap right onto your iPhone. These lenses, apart from augmenting your iPhone’s photographic abilities, come with their own focus rings, giving you precise control over how you capture the world around you. Wide-angle, Fish-eye, Telephoto, and Macro lenses give you the versatility of a DLSR in the convenient portability of an iPhone, and the +Lens holder even features a slot to add modules like an external flash. Combine the power of the interchangeable lens system with that of the iPhone’s computational photography chops, and you’ve really got the best of both worlds, right in your pocket!

Designer: Hsuan-Tsun “Shawn” Wang