This vintage Mercedes-Benz engine compartment holds a DIY jukebox for retro lovers!

Vintage things have their own charm – no doubt collectors fancy them having at any cost, especially if you are a fat-pocketed individual. It is a rarity to please an audiophile, car enthusiast, and vintage collector at the same instance, and this custom jukebox manages to do exactly that.

Designed by British performance art troupe Mutoid Waste Company way back in the 1980s, this piece of DIY is well worth its weight in gold. Music lovers who settle for nothing less than 45 rpm records playing on their vinyl record player or a turntable are surely going to drool all over this creation. Christened the Mercedes-Benz 220 Jukebox, I bet you would not have seen anything like this before. Owning it is a far cry now as it’s already been auctioned for a fat sum of $2,500. But the jukebox fitted inside the front end of a vintage Mercedes-Benz 220 SE is not something you get to see every day. It doubles as a jaw-dropping installation in the living room and when it’s time to listen to some music, one opens the hood and plays the favorite record player for pure bliss.

The niche contraption of the jukebox sits in the engine compartment right under the chopped hood that’s cut in half. All that’s needed is a 220V power source and I hope the current owner has those things sorted and maybe enjoying secluded sessions of music discography sitting right by the side of a fireplace somewhere in a wintery wonderland. Although, back to reality – this one, for now, should encourage motivated DIY’ers to come up with something similar – not necessarily inside the hood of a rare vintage car though!

Designer: Mutoid Waste Company