A cozy flat-packed woolen haven for your cats to do their business in peace!

Pet products are always a delight to come across! Especially multifunctional ones that can be adapted for different kinds of pets. Tim Defleur’s Wool Lodge happens to be one of them. Created using merino felt wool and birch wood, the Wool Lodge is a safe haven of sorts for your pet. You can arrange and form the flat-packed structure by yourself easily. The lodge features a merino felt roof, with the rest of the structure being made from wood.

Defleur’s lodge basically has two functions. Spacious enough to fit your cat’s litter box, the lodge shelters the box within its structure. Your cat can sneak away, and pee or poop in privacy, away from any prying eyes. On the other hand, you can install a soft cushion or mattress instead of a litter box in the lodge. This creates a personal space for your pet, it could be a cat or a doggo on the smaller side! Whenever your pet wants to simply relax and get away, they can hop into the shelter, safe from any external noises or extreme temperatures.

The Wool Lodge’s warm minimal looks are amplified by the soft wool rooftop, making for a lovely safe space for your pet, whether it’s to poop or to catch up on some sleep!

Designer: Tim Defleur for Kaachaça