Inspired by Italian supercars, this powerful body massager is crafted for after workout pain relief!

Riding on the success of the highly popular Kraftgun’s massage gun, the next iteration for a powerful massager is upon us. For their next winning massager, Kraftgun got in touch with acasso to muster up a deep tissue massager design that relieves the day’s stress out from the body while being pleasing to the eye. After spending a ton of time on the form and the performance of the resultant product, acasso managed to come up with the Force massage therapy gun that’s ultra-quiet for the amount of force it can produce!

The name ‘Force’ was chosen to emphasize the massager’s high stall force and highlight the masculine character of the brand. The contoured ergonomic shape of the massager symbolizes the balance of “boldness and softness” – in a way extenuating the “chic masculinity” that men are surely going to associate with. So much thought has been put into the making of a presumably simple accessory right down to its functioning. The dark-tinted translucent cover for the powerful brushless 24V motor inside is inspired by the swanky transparent engine covers of the exotic Italian supercars.

Force massage gun delivers the right amount of force to the muscles and deep tissues for unparalleled relief – that’s partly attributed to the ergonomic design which ensures one can massage hard to reach places when your buddy is not around to give a helping hand. The four attachments are tailored for particular muscles and body parts for a complete relaxing session right in your home. Overall a good noiseless product design that’s practical, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it for the most relaxing massage ever with minimal effort.

Designer: acasso for Kraftgun