This Badass E-Trike Is What You Get When A Motorcycle And Hoverboard Have A Baby

Meet VOOK, the most street-legal sibling to the Go Kart. Designed with a low-hung chassis and two 3000W rear-wheel motors, the VOOK is the most unique way to get from A to B. The electric trike has all the advantages of an e-bike but with a comfortable seat and an extra wheel, and also packs a battery that gives you a 110 mile (180km) range, a touchscreen dashboard monitor to rival anything you’d find on a modern e-bike, and a rear dash-cam that lets you look back in style.

Designer: Daniel Abraham

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If the VOOK’s aesthetic made you do a double-take, that’s entirely intentional. The folks behind it wanted to create the most dynamic experience you could have behind a pair of handlebars. The contraption has the front half of a low-hanging chopper and the rear half of a hoverboard – piece them together and you’ve got yourself a vehicle that’s bound to grab eyeballs as you cruise down the road at speeds of up to 40mph (65kmh). In the mean time, a durable aluminum frame and off-road-ready tires (on both the front and back) mean you can cruise on asphalt, pavements, dirt-roads, and even on sand.

Lightning-fast acceleration, going from 0 to 100 meters in just 7 seconds!

The VOOK is a beast on the road with its impressive (3,000W nominal / 6,000W peak) combined motor power output and 145 Nm of torque.

Once you let off the gas, it signals the motor brake system, and the motor automatically slows down (like in the case of any other electric scooter), starting to regenerate energy, which converts it back into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

This spiritual successor to the Penny Farthing comes with some impressive stats that serious roadsters will love. The VOOK’s rear brushless motors give it the ability to zip around busy intersections and weave through traffic with smooth and responsive acceleration, while heavy-duty puncture-proof tires unlock the ability to drive anywhere. The VOOK’s low ground clearance does have its own off-road limitations, but it trades that for safety and security, thanks to the low CG and inherent stability of the trike’s three-wheeled format.

Armed with a single seat that quite literally lets you sit back and relax as you ride, the VOOK boasts of 4 different riding modes, going from a Safe that maxes out at 10mph to an Extreme that gives you the full 40mph experience. The mode you’re driving in also affects the VOOK’s range, as does the battery – you can either choose the stock 1860W (30Ah) battery, or upgrade to a 3100W (50Ah) battery for a maximum range of 110 miles. The VOOK’s bundled 12/220V charger juices up your battery in anywhere between 2.5 to 4 hours (depending on which battery option you pick).

With VOOK’s keyless access system, getting started on your ride has never been easier.

Ultimately, riding your VOOK is all about that unique experience. Even with its low-seated design, you get a clear view of what’s ahead of you, and the LCD dashboard is just below eye-level, letting you swipe and tap to choose between modes, see riding stats, battery levels, GPS, and even who’s behind you, thanks to an optional rear-view camera add-on for your VOOK. Right beside the LCD dashboard is also a biometric fingerprint scanner that gives you keyless access to start or lock your trike, and a dedicated “VOOK Smart” app for you phone also lets you configure your trike, check its stats, and even remotely see its location as a nifty security feature. Speaking of security, the e-trike also has a powerful e-bike-grade headlight for driving around at night, as well as a slick tail-light to alert vehicles behind you.

Designed to usher in a new style of urban as well as off-road riding, the VOOK makes one bold promise – to give you a sense of thrill as you commandeer the vehicle from its driving seat. Aside from being designed for a variety of terrains, the electric trike isn’t afraid of bad weather either, with a water-resistant LCD dashboard that can easily shrug off a thunderstorm. The VOOK starts at $2300 and ships in 4 different colors – Atlantic Nigh Blue, Deep Green, Rosso Metis (Red), and Cracked Pepper.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2300 $3200 ($900 off). Hurry, only 5 left!