Confess It to the Poles

Everyone has secrets, and the poles want to know! Designer Florian Brillet creates the newest amalgamation of the main points of secrecy: the public, and the secret itself. In Brillet’s “Secret” project the secrets are told to the public poles, and the public poles tell the secrets back to the public.

Once the secret is separate from the teller, it becomes public property.

The concept of public secrets is not a new one. The art project “Post Secret” by Frank Warren is one of the more popular ideations of the public secret concept. Due in part to the hive mind, in the more mystical sense, (that we all discover concepts together as one people,) Florian Brillet designed “Secret” in Paris France.

The secrets are collected by the poles, then are spoken by the same poles. What I’d love to see is several locations around the world collecting and distributing these secrets in real-time. Worldwide secrecy!

Designer: Florian Brillet