This tiny, prefabricated home travels with you from the coastlines to the mountain tops!

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all itching for a change of scenery. With stay-at-home orders ramping up again, planning a quick trip somewhere off-the-grid seems to be our favorite mode of distraction. Modern-Shed, a leader in innovative, sustainable, prefabricated structures, heard our 11:11 wishes and designed Dwelling on Wheels, or DW for short. Their Dwelling on Wheels is a 220-square-feet tiny home on wheels that buyers can bring with them on the road and situate on coastlines or nearby riverbeds for overnight stays and views.

Built to withstand varying climates and temperatures, a steel rib cage and standing seam metal siding wraps around the exterior of DW for a durable and weather-tight finish. Complementing the industrial cottage design, red cedar wood accents warm up the walls, eaves, and even the tiny home’s awning that hangs overhead a durable, ironwood deck, accessible through the dwelling’s double-pane glazed gable door. Positioned on top of the steel-tube roof, Modern-Shed installed solar panels to further their efforts in maintaining a small carbon footprint. The full unit measures in at 8.5 feet tall by 26 feet long, with widths up to 16 feet, and rests on a custom-built trailer from Tumbleweed. In order to further enhance DW’s low-carbon commitment, each tiny home buyer can also install both a water tank and a composting unit.

The inside of Dwelling on Wheels hosts all one might need to feel right at home away from home. When you first walk into the DW through the floor-to-ceiling, double-pane glazed gable door, a wood-burning stove in the home’s living room welcomes you on your right while birch face ply interior walls open up the small living space inside. The home’s kitchen is also lined with birch cabinetry and comes equipped with slim wall heaters, infrared cooktops, both a built-in sink and seating, and a removable dining table. Sliding past the living area’s kitchen and dining space on DW’s sustainable, linoleum flooring, buyers will find sleeping arrangements for up to three people, utilizing the dwelling’s built-in lofted two-bed setup. The two beds, an almost-Queen on the bottom, and a twin-sized bed above it come with integrated storage space just beneath the bunk bed unit. Sleek and bending sky wall windows line the walls and ceilings of DW’s interior, offering unfettered views of the outdoors from anywhere inside the tiny home.

After two decades of proving themselves leaders in the world of backyard sheds, Modern-Shed, based out of Seattle and founded by Ryan Smith, brought the shed to the road with The Dwelling on Wheels. The DW offers a classic rendition of a recognizable home with a resilient gable form, and a clever, energy-efficient design that provides all one needs in a compact 8x30ft tiny home, all that there’s left to do is find out exactly where we’ll be getting that change of scenery we keep talking about.

Designer: Modern-Shed