Reebok Timetanium Ventilator

We see a lot of products today from large companies teaming up with artists and designers but very few catch our attention like the Reebok Timetanium Ventilator designed by John Maeda. The man is a world renowned artist, graphic designer, and computer scientist , and more recently author. So it comes to no surprise when he and Reebok teamed up, the end result would be more than just eye candy.

The sneaker looks like a myriad of graphics layered upon one another but there’s a rhyme to this reason. The inside sole and lining are John’s actual hand-written code, the same code that generates the graphics you see on the exterior of the shoe. This mathematical code (did we mention computer scientist?) creates a mish mash of lines and colors on the heel that gently sweeps forward into a linear and monochromatic procession to the toe.

The idea behind the collaboration was to bring art and science together. The catalyst was John’s book “Laws of Simplicity“, the muse and inspiration behind this very limited edition shoe. Only 100 of them are available at $150 so if you want one, order from the site today.

Watch this great video as John and Reebok explain their collaboration.

Designer: John Maeda