This modular vertical garden was designed to be a self-watering, self-powered, space saver!

Do you, like me, wake up with an urge to add something in your home to elevate your interior design game since we are spending all our time indoors? I think the top items I gravitate towards are air purifiers (obvious reasons), kitchen essentials, sleep-inducing designs, and plants (special attention to those that need no managing!). I was super intrigued by Moltke which is a modular vertical garden designed for both interior and exterior use. Plants liven your home, purify your air, give you herbs if you choose to have some, and make you seem like an adult who has their life together as much as one can in a pandemic – making Moltke a perfect combination of some of my favorite things without sacrificing space!

There is an increasing need to grow fresh food in small spaces without having to devote too much time or effort. Vertical gardens in the market right now either lack functionality or are super expensive. Moltke was designed to give you an affordable indoor/outdoor garden that fits your aesthetic needs and is self-sufficient. “The main feature of this vertical garden is the ease of use. No prior experience required, just use the pre-planted seed pods and the self-watering system that requires no power – this will keep the plants self-sustained,” says Vintu. Parts of the structure are kept transparent to allow more light for the roots. It works for an indoor setting as well as outdoor because you don’t need any external power supply. The ‘growth light’ in each module ensures that the plants stay healthy even if there isn’t enough natural light.

You can also use the wastewater produced by air conditioning units to refill the water tanks. The mesh net on top makes sure that no debris gets inside your planters especially if it is outdoors. Modularity is becoming crucial in product designs so they can fit with our ever-changing flexible lifestyle. You can add as many units of Moltke as you want, and there are solutions for bigger needs as well like the 3L or 5L custom water tanks that will hold more modules for plants. Moltke gives you the premium planter features without the cost, need for extra electronic equipment, or components that are hard to mount/take up a lot of space. While it is unclear what kind of in-built power supply the design is using, it would be cool to make it solar powered!

Designer: Cristian Andrei Vintu

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