Desk setups with minimal designs to increase your work from home productivity!

As we ushered in 2020, it brought with it the global pandemic and, of course, the work from home culture. As this year finally ends, working from home is now the norm. And, as saturating as it can get at times, I’ve realized sometimes a clean desk really can help! I truly believe a clean desk means a clean mind. So, here are a few impressive desk setups for you to gain inspiration from, and finally declutter and set up your desk the way you really want to. Best of luck!

Benjamin Ong, who goes on Instagram by the name @thericebucket and is a self-proclaimed tech geek shows us his desk setup that has a dark theme with a hint of warmth running through it. Since he works on tech reviews as well as photography presets, his desk reflects the ease of access needed to quickly reach out to his camera or anything else needed to capture the moment before the light changes!

Michael Soledad’s desk has ample space for all his gadgets whether it’s his PC, laptop, or his iPad. Don’t miss out the nifty little headphone holder, as well as the laptop stand. Clean, minimal, and wooden, it’s got everything we love in a good desk!

This desk setup by Matt who goes by the Instagram handle @nvzion is the perfect work haven for Apple lovers! We could sure learn how to set up all our Apple products in the neatest and most efficient manner possible from him. Not to mention, the monochrome theme makes it quite visually pleasing!

The key to complete job satisfaction? A desk with a view! Now, we may not all have access to a view of the Eiffel Tower, but this desk setup by Blvck Paris (@black) is giving us major desk goals. When has a matte black theme ever gone wrong?

This modern monochrome themed desk setup by @newtech_2019 is minimal, clean, and perfectly accommodates all your work gadgets. Clutter-free work zone here we come!

A desk with a floating desktop? Count me in! This desk setup by Ethelbert Photography ( @ethelbertphotography) comes with a screen holder, giving the impression that the screen of your PC is floating in midair. Not only does it look super cool, but also allows you to save up on a whole lot of space!

This artsy desk setup by Mika Novo is just right for all those creative souls out there. Colorful sketches, posters, doodles, and relatable quotes around your workspace are sure to brighten it up, as well as your mood. I, for one, wouldn’t mind a few motivational quotes around my work desk!

Mickael Dev ( added a few lush green potted plants and planters to his desk, and honestly, the effect is incredibly calming. A touch of green will not only help you connect with nature whenever needed, but could also help relax your cluttered mind during a busy workday. Don’t forget to notice his floating desktop as well!

A Yin and Yang work desk by Satechi, that could be used by you and your partner! If you both can make it through the day without murdering one another, that is. The black and white themes on this contrast each other perfectly, just like you and your loved one!

Nikie Monteleone (@nikiemonteleone) shows us how to tastefully set up the Cheese Grater Mac Pro on our desks. A source of inspo? I leave that up to you.