This Railway-Inspired Lighting Collection Is The Nuanced Statement Piece You Need In Your Home

We’re all focused on picking an excellent sofa design, or a Pinterest-worthy coffee table, but how much time do we really spend on picking the perfect lighting design? Today, lighting designs are total works of art – they’re unique and innovative, elevating a space with their mere presence. Nowadays, designers are creating unique, functional, and powerful pieces that not only light up a living space but also add an extra oomph factor! These lighting designs not only help you see in the dark, but they also function as an attractive and visually appealing piece. And, one such lighting collection is the Insulator Lighting Collection by Novocastrian.

Designer: Novocastrian

Designed by the British design studio Novocastrian, the Insulator Lighting Collection is a unique and spectacular range of lighting designs that is inspired by the equipment and infrastructure seen in the railways! The innovative lighting collection includes pendant and table lamps, as well as sconce lights. All the lighting designs feature similar ribbed motifs and polished hardware.

“Our founder Richy took inspiration from endless train journeys along Britain’s East Coast mainline between Newcastle and London, by the rhythmic lattice of the overhead power lines, and by the intriguing saucer-like pin insulators which adorn them,” said Novocastrian, breaking down the railway-inspiration for the lighting collection.

The different pieces of lighting designs are made using elements crafted from solid brass and pressed glass, which have been machined in the company’s workshop, located in the North East of England. The Insulator lights can be fitted with European or North American wiring and custom finishes, which can be requested for. The Insulator Lighting Collection is a fantastic and curiosity-sparking collection that will add a nuanced style to your living space. The references to the infrastructure and architecture of railways are a unique and thoughtful touch, that makes the lighting collection truly stand out. They make for exemplary pieces that look like works of art!