The Shell Table Bends & Twists Extraordinarily To Double Up As A Bench & Stool

I believe that the secret to a great living room is an excellent coffee table. Coffee tables function as the centerpiece of a living room, hence you need to pick one that truly livens it up, and sets the tone for it. And, once the perfect coffee table has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, cute side tables, exquisite lighting, and elegant decorative pieces. They are all brought together by the right coffee table. And even coffee tables are getting more innovative, unique, and well-crafted by the day. And a pretty cool coffee table that actually has double AND triple functionality is the Shell Table by Deniz Aktay.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Aktay’s unique furniture designs, especially if you’ve spent remotely any time in the Instagram design world. He has a knack for creating some pretty unique and functional coffee tables, and the Shell Table continues to impress us much like its predecessors. The Shell Table has an eye-catching shape, which allows it to function as a bench or stool as well! Despite its extraordinary shape, the Shell Table seems to be functional and stable and would make an excellent addition to your living room, entrance area, or your bedroom as well.

The Shell table features a long horizontal tabletop that artfully and quite strategically bends to form two vertical legs that provide support to the tabletop. You can place your knick-knacks on the tabletop, or even store them underneath it, in the compact little nook that forms below it. Or you could use it to seat yourself or your guests when you have them over. The Shell’s versatility and multifunctionality allow it to serve as three different types of furniture – depending on your personal need and requirement.

The unique twisted shapes of the Shell Table were achieved by cutting plywood at specific angles, providing the furniture design with extra oomph and a rush of personality. Much like Aktay’s other works, the Shell Table is currently a conceptual design, but I would love to see it as a real tangible product someday.