With 12 different configurations possible, this modular bedside table will fit anywhere you like!

The most dynamic pieces of furniture are typically the pieces that offer more than meets the eye. The chair that doubles as a storage bin and work desk, the lamp that transforms into a clock radio, or air purifiers that also work as bookshelves. There are some designs that attempt to totally transform a product’s use through modularity, but then some other designs whose aim is to provide several different uses for the same product through the breakdown and reconstruction of its modular components. Such is the case for NÓMADA, a modular, multi-purpose bedside table.

The team behind NÓMADA decided to attain the bedside table’s modularity through the material used during its production process by carving and integrating notches, buttons, and twisted, narrow chutes into each wooden and steel panel used for construction. It’s a good thing too because tools can be tricky to store in smaller living spaces like apartments or studios. The end result makes up a bedside table that appears simple and whose purpose seems singular upon first glance, but when deconstructed, the possibilities for restructuring NÓMADA are laid out in front of you, all you have to do is mix-and-match as your tabular needs guide you. Even if you just want a subtle revamp or facelift for your apartment’s design, simply unscrew and see which pieces fit where! NÓMADA comes with four main components: four table legs with adjustable lengths, a steel storage area with a matte finish, and a classic wooden drawer with the same stain as the legs. The compatible color scheme and sleek structure of NÓMADA also help to move the reconstruction process along smoothly. By simply unscrewing the table’s legs from the steel storage area and removing the drawer feature, users can configure the side table in any way that works best for them and their living space. An elevated desk tray can be detached and function on its own, while the table maintains its core purpose or the height of the table’s legs can be adjusted in order to either shorten the table’s height or give it some length to reach higher bedsides.

NÓMADA is capable of producing twelve different configurations so that it can adapt to any of your needs or living spaces. Coated in neutral tones and comprising a minimalist end design, NÓMADA not only morphs into new structures with the ease of a screw but also offers a breadth of both cohesiveness and simplicity to your personal interior-design taste with its sleek, elegant color scheme and lean frame.

Designers: Marta Adamska, Marco Santos, Gabriela Nogueira