This contemporary high stool is built from coffee shells and e-waste

I’m at a point in my life where I’m team stools over chairs, and I truly believe stools deserve to be given way more credit than they get. Stools are often overlooked, maybe because they occupy minimum space, and aren’t really overbearing. But these traits are what make stools so great in my opinion! I mean, they’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable. And, we’ve put together a collection of stool designs that not only provide a healthy seating experience while promoting a good and stable posture but most of them are created from sustainable materials as well. And one such stool is the Eternity High Stool!

Designer: Space Copenhagen for Mater

Designed by Space Copenhagen for the furniture brand Mater, the Eternity High Stool is the latest addition to the Eternity Seating Collection. It’s a minimal high stool built from coffee shells and e-waste. The high stool is a part of Mater’s seating collection that includes chairs made from shells, made using Matek – Mater’s patented circular waste material. Plastic and fiber-based waste are merged into a composite material that is reprocessed again and again, with the furniture being collected by Mater at the end of its life cycle via Mater’s takeback program.

“The furniture we make with Matek has a completely unique look because the material has been created by combining various waste materials and recycled plastics. Matek has a depth and materiality reminiscent of stone, terrazzo, or marble, but is completely its own,” said Mater founder Henrik Marstrand. The Eternity High Stool has a rather simple, raw, and natural aesthetic and is available optionally upholstered in Kvadrat’s Re-wool fabric, which is made of 45 percent recycled wool.

The Eternity High Stool is a sustainable and ergonomically-designed stool design with aesthetics that merge harmoniously with any modern living space. You could slide it alongside your kitchen countertop, or even use them as bar stools for your bar. The composite material used gives the high stool a unique appearance, that makes it quite intriguing to look at, and an absolute eye-catcher.