Hear me out – A Coffee Machine shaped like a Coffee Bean is kind of a brilliant idea

You are what you eat, they say… surely the Bean Coffee Machine eats a whole lot of coffee beans, am I right?! A clever visual redesign of the standard coffee machine, this particular appliance by Juliana Juleva tries to make the ubiquitous coffee-brewer instantly recognizable. The way she does it is by making the machine look like a giant bean from afar. Look at it and even if you’re not a coffee drinker, chances are you’ll recognize exactly what it is and what it’s used for. The intuitive design is further complemented by an intuitive user interface, which employs a simple yet large touchscreen to help you brew the perfect cup of coffee ever. Place your empty mug, tap a button, and wait for the giant bean to give you a cup of pure bliss!

Designer: Juliana Juleva

The Bean Coffee Machine doesn’t try to be too fancy. It doesn’t look overtly industrial, or too high-tech like something Apple would have designed. Instead, it tries to opt for visual familiarity by taking inspiration from the shape of a coffee bean. The machine comes with an oval shape, sporting broad and gentle curves that make it look as smooth as a roasted coffee bean. It’s propped up vertically on four legs, and comes with a relatively simple front surface that has the interface on top, and a dispenser at the bottom.

Using the Bean machine is incredibly intuitive too. A transparent window on top lets you look into the machine’s coffee storage, letting you know if it has enough supply of roasted beans. If not, all you do is load fresh beans in, and you’re ready to brew. Right underneath the window is an interface that has the simplicity of a menu card. Tap the kind of coffee you want Bean to brew and it gets to work. The coffee gets dispensed right into your cup below, letting you choose from multiple options from the classic flat white or americano, to even more eclectic options like a decaf.

The Bean comes in 5 colors – black, white, bronze, silver, and our favorite, metallic brown. Sure, everyone’s entitled to having a coffee machine that complements their tastes and interior decor, but the metallic brown Bean just plays to the visual metaphor perfectly, and it kind of does look like an instant classic too, if you ask me personally. The machine was designed for a Russian coffee brand, although it hasn’t hit the market yet.