Your dog’s personality, determined by psychology, will dictate the best bed for them!

Our homes reflect our personal style. The color scheme of our bedding, the way we organize our office space – it all tells the story of our personality. So, what about our dogs? I bet that few would deny that every dog has a distinct personality, which means they should have a dog house that’s representative of their story. Hyemin Kim has created MUF, a dog house inspired by the Myers-Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI), for that reason.

MUF is more of a curatorial experience for you and your pup. Inspired by the MBTI, which is a lengthy introspective test that indicates different tendencies in regard to test-takers’ personalities. For example, I am an INFP, indicating introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving, which ultimately reveals how I interact with everyday life and decision making. Hyemin Kim, the designer behind MUF, created her own doggo-inspired MBTI system that comprises different personality traits for different dogs. A total of eight possible traits, any combination of which can be applied to your own dog, make up Hyemin Kim’s MBTI for dogs, and a piece of dog furniture is associated with each personality type. Then, those specific pieces of furniture can be incorporated into and around your dog’s house, adding to the base cushion, which sits atop a durable, iron bed frame. Pretty soon, we’ll all be asking each other, “So, what’s your dog’s personality type?”

Designer: Hyemin Kim


The Different Types

IPT Type – Independent, Timid Type

For example, if your dog is more independent and timid, then a sturdy, secure traditional roof attachment can be attached to the iron frame that cradles the main dog bed so that your dog can retreat to and enjoy their time in their own enclosed space. Additionally, to cater to your dog’s more timid personality, a brown body pillow fits snugly into the full dog house for added warmth and comfort.

BPL Type – Brilliant, Playful, Loyal Type

More personality combinations, such as brilliant, playful, and loyal can be applied to your pup’s daily mood and the dog bed can be transformed to meet the more dynamic sides of your dog’s temperament. A weighty, leathery green throw represents the brilliant type so your dog can exercise their brain for different modes of play. Then, a vibrant, buttery yellow cushion stands in to absorb all of your pup’s playful energy. Lastly, a navy blue, firm pillow refines the scene to offer your pup that reliable place to rest after day-long bursts of energy.

DAC Type – Dependent, Active, Curious Type

Another possible configuration for your pup’s personality can be the dependent, active, and curious type. Dependency is represented in the sky blue, linen blanket throw. The active mind can be tested and stimulated with the red block’s fun features such as ropes to tug on and knots to chew. Your dog’s curiosity can then be funneled through the denim blue nose work mat, which comes equipped with more ropes and twisted, folded-over bunches of fabric for your pup to unlock and tug as long as they please. Once they grow tired of sniffing and munching on all the doggo-safe fabric pockets and roped links, then owners can toss the sky blue throw over their sleeping pups for long nights of good sleep.