This Electric Heated Coaster is a time traveling, turntable-inspired design for every vintage fan!

Who else goes for the mug in the cabinet first thing in the morning? I know I’m not alone when I say that I wish my first cup of coffee could last forever. Maybe not forever, but longer than it usually does. Coffee and tea are the sorts of drinks that should be enjoyed at just the right temperature because as soon as they get cool, that’s a wrap. Thankfully, heated coasters are relatively easy to find with a quick web search, but most ditch the charm and character we’ve come to expect from classic coasters, instead opting for bulkier, more mechanical aesthetics. Heated coasters like the Retro Heated Coaster offers the technological, modern-day luxury of electric heat while maintaining the charismatic quality of intricately decorated coasters of yesteryear.

The Retro Heated Coaster was designed to resemble a groovy household item you’d expect to see in a home during the early 60s, but its heating function brings it up to date and allows you to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea for as long as you’d like. Designed to appear as a record player, The Retro Heated Coaster dons art-deco tones of pristine pink, scarlet red, emerald green, and parlor blue, and the coaster’s knobs and display screens are reminiscent of a turntable’s cartridge or tonearm. The imitative cartridge on the coaster works as a dial for the product’s timing feature which aids in operating an electrical heater similar to that of an electric tea kettle.

When in use, electrical energy travels through a circuit that’s fully-integrated inside the tea kettle’s base, translating electrical energy into heat energy, which then warms up the base’s surface. The Retro Heated Coaster also has an embedded thermostat and timer that ensures the electric heat stops flowing once the preferred amount of time for heating is used up. The heat can reach a temperature of up to 55℃ (131℉) and can maintain that temperature for as long as six hours. The Retro Heated Coaster is also compatible with all flat-bottomed mugs that can be safely warmed. So, with winter quickly approaching, a hot drink will likely be a daily occurrence for most of us and nothing sounds cozier than bundling up with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on a cold winter night while music (and your mug) spins on the turntable.

Designer: Xian Xiaoming