This Electric Scooter + Cleaning Trolley Is the Public Sanitation Solution Your Community Needs

Here’s the problem. Street cleaning is a physically demanding job that calls for longer hours compared to indoor cleaning jobs and farther distances to travel (sometimes up to 16 km per day). The work is essential yet under-appreciated. It’s unfair to expect these workers, especially if they are older, to cover these distances on foot and pull a trolley of their cleaning supplies behind them. The Cleaning Board electric scooter presents a win-win situation; it takes the strain off of the workers and allows them to cover a larger area in less time.

The Cleaning Board consists of three parts: a supply bin, kickboard, and a mobile app. The bin has two compartments: one for broom handles and dust collectors, the other for smaller items, such as masks, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, water, and a hot/cold pack. When the user isn’t traveling, the kickboard folds up against the cleaning vessel, transforming the scooter into a pushable cart. Also, light strips along the board’s edges make the vehicle (and rider) more visible at night. Finally, the Cleaning Board features a companion app that would send workers information about the trashcans on their route, which would help them prioritize specific stops.

Because we are still living in a pandemic, public sanitation is a top priority for cities around the world. The Cleaning Board was created to help those workers, not necessarily their employers. It just so happens that both parties benefit from this product. By extension, the Cleaning Boards improve the quality of life for the communities that use them, because they make it easier to maintain a safe, sanitary environment.

Designer: Fountain Studio