A prefabricated cabin that doubles as a winter retreat to ring in 2021!

Winter is slowly revving up and, since quarantine kept us inside from enjoying the usual social perks of summer, we’re all hoping to find ways to make the most of the upcoming snowy season. Recently, new architectural ventures have led to the creation of prefabricated cabins, which very possibly might become winter’s saving grace in the age of COVID-19. Prefabricated cabins such as GROVE CAB, designed by Valerii Shcherbak, help make nature getaways feel a lot cozier and all the more accommodating.

This new type of architecture is garnering a lot of popularity in Europe and it’s no surprise. Prefabricated cabins are constructed prioritizing simplicity and modularity. Being that Shcherbak’s cabin is built from wood material and sturdy paneling, each component of GROVE CAB is designed for familiar and intuitive construction, and the light, natural wooden tones help open up each room. The cabin comes in two modules: the first containing a living room or recreation area and your bedroom, and the second comes with a kitchen, bathroom, and exterior patio. The two units are connected where the frames for both of the module’s hallways meet, which creates a space that feels like a one-bedroom home. Additionally, both of the modules have their own doors so whichever side you might find yourself, access to the outdoors is only ever a few steps away.

Equipped with butterfly roofs, the respective module comes with high ceilings to ensure that, despite the compact, manageable size of the whole cabin, it feels roomy and snug at the same time. Adding to the structure’s toastiness, a fully-integrated fireplace warms up this prefabricated cabin from the bedroom for a rustic ambiance and to help you feel right at home in wintery landscapes. Further, on the cabin’s modularity, glass windows take up entire walls in the bedroom and kitchen so that during the day, snowy horizons and forests fill your perspective and at night, closed curtains can keep the cold air at bay while you enjoy the fire. Outside on the patio, a bonfire can heat up late-night conversations or accompany quiet evenings with a crackling, intimate background. Since prefabricated cabins are built in order for you to situate them wherever you feel like visiting, they are inherently more eco-conscious. Instead of digging up land for a built-in log cabin, GROVE CAB lets the natural beauty of winter environments be your guide. Preconstructed cabins provide a gentle reminder for all of us that wherever we may find ourselves, all we need is a little bit of space and time and we can build a home.

Designer: Valerii Shcherbak