This WFH desktop air-purifier also has a fold-out partition that you can stick Post-its on

Poised to be the most ideal WFH appliance, the VIKA concept combines air filtration with office organization! Created as a collaborative effort between Electrolux and the students at Umeå Institute of Design to think about post-Covid-19 home solutions, VIKA turns your regular desk into a cozy, functional, and safe work-from-home spot.

The VIKA is first and foremost an air-purifier. Designed to silently sit at the corner of your desk, VIKA actively filters the air you breathe, making sure you’re always surrounded by the freshest air that’s devoid of any dust, allergens, VOCs, gases, and other contaminants thanks to the built-in filtration system from Electrolux. Wrapped around the side of the VIKA, however, is a soft felt cover that opens up to turn into a partition, letting you segregate and separate your working zone. The partition, aside from acting as a dividing surface, also doubles up as a great place to stick Post-its, allowing to make the most of your workspace! When all’s said and done, the partition folds back inwards to occupy less space (and to even conceal your Post-it notes from others!)

Designer: Mathilda Karlsson, Marian Dembkiewicz and Arvind Sushil (Umeå Institute of Design) in collaboration with Electrolux