Innovative tableware designs that turn Thanksgiving meal into an experience

Thanksgiving is about food and family. While turkey remains our standard throughout the year, what can amp up our eating experience are the accessories we use to gobble up that tummy bursting meal! friends thanksgiving quotes. Now, you could wear a turkey on your head a-la-Joey to entertain your guests, we have some unique tableware designs that can be a more preferable mode of starting a conversation! Thinking of that meal is already giving me hunger cramps but as long as you don’t have to eat Racheal’s feet-like tasting trifle, we are sure our tableware designs will lend elegance to your affair and your Thanksgiving is sure to be an experience no one will soon forget!

Have you ever felt that your meals required just a little more suspense? If yes, then Flyde by Felix Marx is for you! The name Flyde, meaning ‘To flow’ in Danish hints towards the unique selling point of this rather beautiful cutlery set, as it introduces an element of drama to the tabletop by precariously balancing on its sculpture-like handle.



The Four Seasons shakers are quite literally perfection. Capturing four different types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Design’s Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and adorable at the same time. Not only are they well designed, but the absolutely witty wordplay also makes the product even more lovable! You’ve got four shakers that embody four different seasons and hold four different seasonings. Designed for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and chili flakes, the shakers come with plants on the inside that pair well with the seasoning.

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our take on the faults of the final season, one thing remains, we can’t ignore the series or the impact it had on our lives with hours of discussions, theories and lets not even get started on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! But all that is pushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, designed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each design representing the houses that played a part in the show in an iconic manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy engraving to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an epic exercise in storytelling.

Lifetime Partner’ mug by Johnson Tsang is a play on whimsy and ceramic design that defies traditional behavior. The lifetime partners here are not just a couple but also everyday objects like a cup and saucer – the pair is incomplete without the other and isn’t that the sweetest pair ever!

Green is the new orange this Thanksgiving! DOIY’s Saguaro collection comes as a set of cups, mugs, and tumblers with fluted bodies and cactus-branch shaped handles. Colored in a remarkably eye-catching green, the glassware stack up on each other when not in use, turning your kitchen-counter into the backdrop of a Western movie. When you do need them for sipping something like Orange Juice, or something more appropriate like ‘Green’ Tea, the branch-shaped handles serve as a nifty functional detail, being decorative when you want, and useful when you need them. Don’t worry though, this adorable set of cactoid-crockery doesn’t come with spikes and definitely don’t need watering. Moreover, they’re freezer and dishwasher-safe too. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote sold separately!

The Conchiglie is a neat, conch-shaped device inspired directly by the conchiglie pasta. Colored in yellow and molded out of food-grade silicone, the Conchiglie comes with a hollow inner that’s perfectly sized for a lemon-half. Slip the lemon in and squeeze it from the outside and the Conchiglie does a wonderful job of juicing the lemon without getting your hands all sticky and messy. The silicone construction gives you the friction and grip you need, and a tiny strainer at the end of the conch helps catch the lemon seeds as you juice away.

The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices. It can be literally worked with one hand if your other hand is occupied or messy (all pepper mills require two hands), and if you’re looking for speed and quantity, the Ortwo can be run with two hands too, giving you more crushed pepper in less time! Its unusual build makes it easier to use (not to mention it works your hand muscles too!), and a spring within the Ortwo returns it to its opened position after you press down on it.

Titled the Pebble, these gorgeously vivid and funky cutlery tools are a collaboration between Pentatonic and i am OTHER, a creative collective assembled by Pharrell, and are made mostly from recycled materials. The unusually vibrant cutlery set is named after the pebble-shaped container it comes in. The colored container is made using plastic recycled from music CDs, and perfectly houses a spoon, knife, fork, a pair of chopsticks, and even a collapsible drinking straw. Plastic handles for the cutlery are crafted from recycled food packaging, while the cutlery themselves are crafted from steel, with a highly durable anodized titanium coating for strength as well as to give the cutlery their unmistakable vibrant purple hue. Talk about having a conversation starter!

The art of Magemono has been around and flourishing for as long as 400 years, but with the commercialization and modernization (and even westernization) across the world in the past half-century, the heritage artisans began seeing a gradual-yet-unavoidable decline in appreciation for their craftsmanship and eventually, their trade. Nasuda decided to continue the Haori cup line, with the Magemono tumbler and the Magemono bread tray, two classic everyday products that add a touch of Japanese minimalism, craftsmanship, and perfection to homes and lives.

It isn’t often that something as mundane as an ice-mold wins a design award, but it seems like the Icy Galaxy by Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad deserves recognition. Designed to look like a beautiful wavy orb of ice, the Icy Galaxy sphere does two things – It creates an interesting interaction with the liquid it’s immersed in, especially when the liquid slides into the orb’s multiple crevasses, but at the same time, it also helps rapidly cool drinks down by increasing the icy orb’s surface area (similar to how motorcycle engines come with fins that increase their surface area allowing wind to cool them more effectively). The orbs are crafted using silicone+plastic molds that create two spheres at

There’s nothing better than a cup of joe to chase down that Thanksgiving meal! The compact capsule shape of this coffemaker by Roee Ben Yehuda makes it look like a moon lander for your counter and is obviously powered by caffeine which is only the second most powerful fuel after rocket fuel! The designer’s main focus was to retain some of the rawness and the mechanical steampunk look of the traditional Italian espresso makes while maintaining a clean shape that adds character to the product. There is a tubular water/steam container at the back which I feel can be extended down for added support for the appliance. There is also another container for your beans which I assume leads to a small grinder mechanism inside so you only get the freshest cup of joe each time. Overall, the shape is very unique and combines the nostalgic steampunk elements with clean, smooth curves for a balanced modern machine.