Wooden furniture designs with hidden details that are an upgrade to your usual MUJI pieces!

There’s something about a well-crafted piece of wooden furniture that can add an aura of warmth and calmness to any space! Wooden furniture is often simple and minimal, but when crafted with care and precision, and amped with smart detailing, they can truly liven up any room, while also emitting a zen-like sense of peace. And, this collection of beautiful and intricate wooden furniture designs do exactly that! Designed with extreme attention to detail, overflowing with love and care, and not only aesthetically but functionally pleasing, these furniture designs will be an invaluable addition to your living space, making you feel truly at home.

The Triforce details of this side cabinet by Deniz Aktay are absolutely exquisite! The triangular edges add a touch of intricacy to a simple and raw piece of furniture. Sometimes the simplest woodwork is truly the best!

Soft Baroque designed the 005 Coffee Table for Vaarnii. The humbleness and sturdiness of pine are reflected through this delicate coffee table. The joints used to built traditional Finnish log houses were added for a decorative effect to this furniture piece.

This beautiful dressing table by Wood Effect is a minimal and warm piece, fitted with several storage sections and drawers. The simple woodwork of the piece brilliantly shines through in the detailing!

The Bowater Drawer by Jan Hendzel Studio is an exploration of British timber. Crafted from olive and baked ash, the ripple at the centre of the drawer is the eye-catching detail of this piece!

Designed by Josh Carmody Studio, the central joint of this three-seater dining table is a simple expression of three structural elements supporting and interacting with one another. It is a metaphor for the daily activity of a family on a dining table.

This chair is an amazing display of nostalgia and minimalism through furniture design. The designer wanted to incorporate our inherent ways of interacting with nature into a chair. Stubby chair was inspired by these environmental settings that combined the love for interiors with an element from the exterior world.

Designed by Anthony Dain, the 396 Side Cabinet is a wooden furniture piece with marvellous detailing! The rippled woodwork on the sides and at the bottom of the cabinet have been crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail.

Crafted from American oak and walnut, this adorable shoe rack by Albura Wood Designs features some intricate wood and joint work.

The folding mechanisms that fill out Fold Shelf also allow the unit to shrink down to nearly half its size compared to when it’s fully opened and ready for use. The designers say that Fold Shelf was designed as a Swedish cabinetmaker’s, or journeyman’s piece, requiring the incorporation of a pull-out drawer, hinges, veneered surfaces, and joints.

The ‘Pallet Thief’ is certainly no ordinary piece of furniture, but then again, it’s a vision and a proof of concept for designer Anton Brunberg, who aimed at showing the potential this recycled pallet wood has in the furniture-design world. It comes with hundreds of pallet planks joint together before the seat is carved out of the central mass.